After a year, you can still change Windows 10 Chrome title bar from gray to white

Starting from version 67, Chrome browser started to draw the title bar and the color of the subtitle buttons on its own, instead of leaving the task to Windows 10, as a result, you may notice the color of the title bar as gray instead of white in current Chrome 74.

Chrome 74 removes custom Windows 10 title bar flag

FYI, the “Windows 10 title bar with custom design” flag that was available in the past to disable the change is no longer available in version 74, has been removed, but still, you can make the title bar area from Chrome to what it looked like before May 29, 2018, if you want, here’s how.

1. Right-click the Chrome shortcut icon on the desktop

2. Select Properties

3. In the Target field after Chrome.exe” add the flag below


disablefeatures windows10 custom titlebar switch

4. Click “Continue” to give administrator permission to the on-screen warning.

Here’s what the Target field for Chrome 64-bit looks like, after attaching the option "C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe" --disable-features=Windows10CustomTitlebar

5. Launch Chrome with command line option, browser title bar and window captions will be changed to Windows 7 style.

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