All new Gmail accounts in Germany now have address instead of

We do not know. Gmail users in Germany have addresses that end with, where it is for all users worldwide except Germany. Gmail Blog Germany announced today that from now on the address is available for Gmail users in Germany as well.

“All new accounts receive from [email protected] now. if you already [email protected], you may soon be change @ Even after the change you will continue to receive all messages sent [email protected] and all your emails, contacts and account settings will remain unchanged. Also, you can come back at any time to change your opinion if you need to.”

Starting today, new accounts receive the address Existing users can switch to domain from, for this they need to click on Gmail Settings and click on “Accounts & Import” tab and click on “Change [email protected]” link.

After the change you will still be able to receive all messages sent to [email protected] in the inbox of your address. Your contacts, emails and account settings will not change and you can change your mind later and return to at any time if you wish. Here you should know that you are not creating a new account, your account address will be changed. is reserved for usernames, you don’t have to worry about that. For example, if you [email protected] will be reserved automatically, eg username.

You can read more details on here.

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