Automatically changing Windows 10 Insider settings to Release Preview ring is a bug, fixed by Microsoft

Windows Insiders who opted for the Slow or Fast ring on their Windows 10 devices have noticed that their Insider program settings have been changed to “Release Preview” automatically without their knowledge and cannot change them again. Don’t worry! This is a bug that Microsoft recognized and said they fixed it. In the meantime, if you are affected, you can manually switch to the previous ringtone by visiting the Inner Ring Settings.

The issue has already been reported by an affected source on reddit. “I am trying to enable quick tap in the Microsoft Insider Preview settings, but this option is not supported. When I tried to choose that option, it went back to the third option called “Release Preview,” says Redditor.

Microsoft has you covered. Windows Insider Engineering Program Manager Eddie published in the answer forum that ” Hello Windows Members! Some of you may have discovered today that your Windows Insider ringtone settings may have changed from Slow or Fast ringtone to Release Preview and you cannot change them again. We have identified and resolved the issue that caused this, and your devices should revert to their previous ringtone the next time you sync.”

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