Avast launches CyberCapture

We recently reported avast remove NG technology in the future (in the latest beta versions it has been moved to the cloud) and come with an announcement, here it is in the form of CyberCapture, that’s it part of DeepScreen technology. The antivirus company hasn’t talked about this in detail yet, we’re sharing what we know so far here for you..

How does Avast’s CyberCapture work?

CyberCapture is enabled by default – which you might notice in Avast General Settings – you might find it similar to Avira Protection Cloud – whenever it detects a new/unique/unknown file, it sends that file to the cloud for deep analysis.

Avast runs it in NG and tests against your extended VPS, after further checks the result of the file will be known: whether it is clean or infected, and the result in the form of a message will be sent back to the client (user PC) and . This can take hours.

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During this analysis, the file gets locked on the user’s computer, he can either delete it or execute it (not recommended).

Disabling CyberCapture

Open Avast UI and visit Settings > General, uncheck ‘Enable CyberCapture’

The feature is currently available for testing in beta versions. We’ll let you know when Avast releases the antivirus with new features, including this one.

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