Avast’s Latest Free Antivirus Comes With Performance Improvements

We recently reported that Avast Free Antivirus gained a feature to protect your files from Ransomware, Avast Software released Avast version 20.7 on September 1st and is available for download with performance and reliability improvements and fixes for BSOD and crash issues.

Avast Free Antivirus 20.7.2425 has the following changes

  1. To improve reliability and performance, Avast moved configuration files to the registry. The company claims in change log that ” Your antivirus now runs even more smoothly thanks to tighter integrations with the Windows Registry and startup optimizations.
  2. The Avast Passwords component is not installed by default. You need to manually select it during installation to install.
  3. The company confirms that it has fixed a Kernel crash caused by the Avast Network driver aswNetHub.sys.
  4. Avast recovery disk now checks USB file size
Avast Free Antivirus version 20.7.2425

Here are the things that have been fixed with this release

  1. Stop Smart Scan no longer freezes Avast GUI
  2. Avast setup no longer crashes during uninstall
  3. Incorrect state of yellow panel after releasing a new version even though automatic updates were enabled.
  4. Fixes restoring settings from backup files
  5. Changing language you needed to restart, which was not intended
  6. Mishandling the file size in the virus chest was preventing more files from being added.

What antivirus do you use on Windows? What is your opinion about Avast Free Antivirus? Let us know in the comments below.

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