Avira 2012 Beta products now available for testing

Symantec and AVG have already released version 2012 products, Avira has accessible Beta testing of your 2012 downloadable products in your Beta Center, you need to sign up to download and test Avira 2012 Beta products that include Avira Free Antivirus, Avira Premium 2012, Avira Internet Security 2012, Avira Professional security and Avira Server Security.

Avira 2012 products focused on usability, stability, reliability and more added value to the user.

Avira 2012 Beta Features

  • Installation is quick and straightforward with the custom way you can install Avira free antivirus 2012 in two steps.
  • Running two never-recommended security products, the Avira 2012 product automatically detects and removes potentially incompatible software.
  • All product components are hardened to resist targeted malware.
  • With few registry keys, better protection against process termination and component deletion.
  • The products’ user interface is lighter, faster and easier to use.
  • If you haven’t updated the product or something is wrong with the component in it, Avira alerts you with errors in its user interface that can be fixed with the “Fix Problem” button like in AVG.

You need to register on here to the Beta test account on the Avira Beta Center, after that you can download Avira 2012 Beta products.

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