Avira crashes Windows 10 store

Avira flags Windows Store app dll file on Windows 10 as virus and blocks it, when you try to launch Store app it opens and closes in flash. Last Avira, free antivirus, flags WindowsStore.Mobile.dll as a virus or unwanted program with a name TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen and blocks loading.

Avira flags Windows Store as a virus and blocks it

There is no way to ignore this or add the affected dll as an exception to Avira as Windows 10 does not allow accessing the content in Windows apps directory.

Avira asks to update Avira desktop and starts downloading files when you accept (this happens in a loop every time you start your computer, to avoid this disable real-time protection for Avira) but the damage is already was done, if you try to launch the Windows Store, it just crashes.

Quarantined file details

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Possible ways to restore the store in Windows 10

Failed to quarantine object and restore from Quarantine. We’ve tried every possible way to restore the store, but it’s difficult. Try to find the restore point available before this event and restoring your computer to that will fix the problem.

Avira Free Antivirus Quarantine Section

If no restore point is available or system restore is not enabled for you in Windows 10 (it happens if you just installed or upgraded to Windows), try resetting or using your system repair disk.

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We suggest that you avoid using Avira on Windows 10 until this issue is fixed.

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