Beware, CCleaner may install Avast

Recently CCleaner 5.37 was released with improved cleanup for Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers. The surprise here is that Piriform included Avast with this CCleaner update and made its installation opt-out (instead of opt-in).

That is, those who installed (and install) CCleaner end up installing unwanted Avast (unless they carefully note and uncheck avast at the bottom of the configuration page) on their computers. That raised a few eyebrows. If you installed Avast this way, you can uninstall it by visiting the Control Panel applet. Remember this, Avast now owns Piriform.

Latest version of CCleaner comes with Avast Free Antivirus

Piriform has a habit of bundling Google Toolbar and other products with CCleaner (this is how they earn revenue), Avast has also done this by promoting Google Drive, Dropbox, Skype and Chrome in the past.

Be aware Avast may install Google Drive on your computer

Recently CCleaner 5.33 32-bit version was compromised, after that, Avast took the necessary measures and started releasing versions built on a new infrastructure with digital certificate. It took some time for CCleaner users to recover from the security incident, now Avast surprised them by including their antivirus in CCleaner.

CCleaner 5.36 adds Emergency Updater and changes cleanup rules

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