Bing’s InPrivate search feature is now available in the new Microsoft Edge browser

The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser is set to be made available to the public next year on January 15, 2020, while the browser comes with Bing as the default search engine in both regular and private browsing modes, regardless of search engine. set by default, Microsoft has integrated Bing InPrivate Search into the InPrivate window of the Microsoft Edge browser. The feature, once available to some through controlled feature releases, is now available to everyone on the Edge Dev and Canary channels.

UPDATE April 17, 2020: Bing InPrivate Search is now available in Microsoft Edge 81, open a new InPrivate window from the ellipsis menu to notice it. Don’t forget to check out what’s new in Edge 81 here.

Bing InPrivate Search in Microsoft Edge’s New InPrivate Window

If you now open an InPrivate window in the latest Canary or Dev version of the new Edge browser, you will notice a Firefox-like search box in the center with the text “InPrivate Search with Microsoft Bing”. The Private Browsing page has been redesigned to explain what InPrivate Browsing does and InPrivate Browsing does not.

Microsoft makes some claims that “while browsing InPrivate, the websites you visit are never used for product improvement and are not associated with your Microsoft account”.

Bing InPrivate Search in the new Microsoft Edge 2

When you’re browsing InPrivate, the new Edge prevents you from logging in to Bing search and you won’t see the account icon or login button either. The auto sign-in to Bing feature has also been disabled in InPrivate browsing when you use Microsoft’s InPrivate Search feature.

Like any other browser, your browser history will be cleared when you close the Private window. Any account or device identification information will be removed before sending the search query to Microsoft servers to display search results to users.

Including Standard Tracking Prevention enabled by default in regular and Private browsing modes, the new Edge also lets you use Strict Tracking Prevention in the latter.

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