Chrome dev started showing notification to use new shortcut when user presses backspace

New shortcuts are here to be removed soon backspace in Chrome browser. Since Google decided to remove rewind shortcut, which allows us to return to the previous page in chrome browser. The Chromium team now added a notification to the dev channel to inform the user about the new shortcut when he presses backspace.

“Added notification when user presses backspace to use new shortcut. This adds a new type of notification bubble (based on the “Press Esc to exit full screen” notification) that teaches users the new Back and Forward shortcuts when they press Back or Shift+Back. Only implemented on Views systems (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS).”

New Chrome Backspace Shortcuts

Here are the new shortcuts and check the screenshot above.

For come backPressAlt>+

For go ahead: PressAlt>+ .

So get to know them and use instead of repeatedly pressing buttons and + obsolete.

Wait! There is a flag available to restore the backspace button as the default handler in Chrome (this flag may not last long), for that you need to add the following command line argument to the Chrome shortcut


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