Chrome extension that shows the weather and time when you open a new tab

You can know the date and time by looking at the notification area of ​​the taskbar and you can know the current weather forecast by typing the weather followed by the city name in the Google search box if you don’t use the new tab page from Chrome to access the most visited websites and recently closed pages or if you found Chrome NTP to be useless, replace NTP with the screen showing current time and time by installing At the moment Extension in Chrome.

Currently lets you access the new tab page by clicking the grid icon displayed at the bottom of the page. By default Currently shows the temperature in Fahrenheit, which you can change to Celsius in the options. You can change the page background to light or dark color blue, the blue background looks better. You can set the clock to 24-hour format from the standard 12-hour format. You can also enable or disable animations. Make sure you click the Save button so the changes are saved in Chrome.

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