Chrome Lite Mode to Sync with Android Data Saver Mode

Google Chrome’s Lite Mode feature on Android will now sync with Smartphone Data Saver, and going forward will also respect Windows 10 meter connections and iOS Low Data Mode settings.

A year ago, Google had renamed ‘Data saver in Chrome for ‘Lite mode’. The Lite Mode feature reduces data usage on mobile devices by sending compressed pages from Google Servers to the device before the user visits them.

A bug was filed by the Chromium employee saying that “Chrome lite mode should toggle with OS-level data saving preferences”.

Generally, if you enable Data Saver mode in Android device settings, the Lite mode setting in Chrome will remain disabled.

This will change as Google will configure Chrome’s lite mode to sync with Android Data Saver, Windows 10 meter connections, and iOS Low Data mode.

The feature is already working in Chrome Canary on Android.

1. Configure data saving preferences for Smartphone in device settings

2. Launch Chrome Canary

3. Visit chrome://flags

4. Search for “Experimental Web Platform Resources”

5. Select “Enabled” from the drop-down menu and restart the browser.

6. Now if you visit Chrome settings, Lite mode will be activated and save data for you.

Chrome on desktop doesn’t have ‘Lite Mode’ built in, the Data Saver extension has been deprecated recently. It’s unclear how this will work on Windows 10.

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