Chrome now prompts users to change cookie settings if syncing pauses due to them

The Chromium team decided to resolve complaints about Sync being paused on every browser restart, if Sync pauses due to settings and users are not aware of this, the browser now conveys this to the user via a message in the user menu.

If you have set Chrome to “Clear cookies and site data when closing” browser or if you added it by mistake in the Clear on exit section of Cookie Settings, you will be disconnected from all Google and other websites and syncing will be paused on every relaunch of Chrome because of this.

If your Chrome is in a sync paused state due to the above settings, Chrome will add the message “Paused” to the user avatar and display this reason in the user menu:

” You clear cookies when you exit Chrome. To continue syncing, please change these settings”, clicking the Settings link takes you to chrome://settings/content/cookies-page, where you need to disable the “clear cookies and website data” setting or remove “” of the “Clean on exit” section.

Chrome Cookies and Site Data Settings

Chrome Canary 77 has this change grounded and associated flag “show sync pause reason is cookie settings setting” seems to have enabled by default.

As per the feature description, the flag when “enabled and user in sync state paused due to cookie settings set to clear cookies on exit, we show user a message with reason in user menu”.

Show erased sync pause reason cookies in output flag

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