Chrome PDF Viewer Features

We have covered the built-in PDF viewer available in Google Chrome 8 beta and soon the stable version of Chrome 8 will be released with the built-in PDF viewer enabled by default. This means that when you open PDF files in Chrome, they will be opened through Chrome PDF Viewer than with the PDF Reader plugin. We also covered how to disable Chrome PDF Viewer. Let’s take a look at the features offered by the PDF viewer built into Chrome.

Chrome PDF Viewer Features

With Chrome PDF Viewer, you can quickly view, zoom, save, print, fill forms and find text in PDFs. Chrome PDF Viewer is not an alternative to PDF Reader. a PDF clicking a link to the PDF file on a page and the PDF file will open in Google Chrome.

2. When the PDF is opened in Chrome, four buttons appear at the bottom, which disappear and become visible when you hover over the bottom.

zoom, horizontal, vertical buttons

The horizontal and vertical buttons make the PDF page snap vertically or horizontally.

With the Zoom in, Zoom out buttons, you can zoom in and out of the text in the PDF.

3. You can save the PDF by right-clicking the PDF page and clicking “Save As” or with the shortcut Ctrl + S or clicking the wrench icon and clicking “save page as”

4. Print PDF files by clicking the wrench icon and then clicking Print or using the shortcut Ctrl + P.

5. fill in the forms : PDF forms are highlighted in light blue. You can click in a form field to type and use Tab to jump to the next field.

6. You can search in PDF file for text using the shortcut Ctrl + F, the match found with the search terms will be shown highlighted.

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