Chrome settings page updated to improve browsing

Starting with Chrome 94, instead of showing all Chrome browser settings, Google wants to show only one section at a time when the user navigates to it. By default, it shows the people section page (You and Google) when visited. Google is testing redesigning the Settings landing page in Chrome Canary for Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS.

Chrome 94 canary showing you and google by default instead of all settings

Google Chrome provides settings for users to customize, configure and control privacy and security and the way the browser works.

Whether it’s syncing things between devices or customizing the profile or clearing browsing data, you can manage it all, including changing the search engine or language settings or resetting Chrome by visiting the chrome://settings page.

When you go to the Settings page, Chrome will show you all the sections in one long, scrollable page.

Chrome's Normal Settings Page
Chrome current settings page

Google now would you like that you only show one section at a time when selecting a menu entry option.

For example, when you select Automatic fillingit only shows the autocomplete settings but not the remaining sections.

This applies to all others such as security scan, privacy and security, appearance, search engine, default browser, on startup, languages, downloads and accessibility,

To see the change in action,

  1. Visit the Chrome://flags page in the Canaries
  2. Enable the “Settings landing page redesign” flag.
    Chrome settings landing page repaint flag
  3. Restart the browser and select the Definitions option in menu to see Chrome showing only the people section.

In the future, an experimental version of the Settings page may allow you to access and view specific parts without having to scroll to the bottom of the page.

Google is targeting Chrome settings page layout change with version 94.

“To help with navigability, Chrome will replace the single long page in Chrome settings with individual sections. The updated experience will be available starting with Chrome 94.” said Google.

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