Chrome to make it easier to identify new features

Google Chrome to show “New” badges on menu items to let users know about new features. The feature is now available behind a flag in Chrome Canary and is working.

You can learn about Chrome’s new features through official Google posts or by checking the chrome://flags page.

Note: Flags are experimental features that are not out-of-the-box in release versions, enabling them may break the browser.

Google is now working on a new feature where it wants users to identify and access menu items with new functionality in the Chrome browser, showing the new blue colored badges whenever needed.

For example, in Chrome Canary, if you now enable the “Enable ‘New’ badge on menu items” flag on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS, Canary will highlight the “Add tab to new group” menu item as a new feature.

Enable new badge in menu items flag

That way, Chrome can show more “New” badges (these can appear in the Chrome menu or in the context menu of the page or in the tab menu) to indicate that the respective menu items contain new functionality,

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