Chrome’s Picture in Picture Feature to Get the Mute Button

In addition to now available back to tab and Play/Pause buttons and support for media keys, Chrome’s Picture in Picture window shows a “Mute” button to mute the video.

Google introduced Picture in Picture Mode in Chrome 70 for Windows, Mac and Linux and it is on by default, in Chrome 73 PIP will let you go back to the original video tab with Back to Tab button and the feature also supports keys media on your keyboard in Chrome 74 means you can play/pause/forward video in PIP window with multimedia keys on your keyboard, Media Session Service needs to be enabled for this to work which will be enabled by default next time version.

Chrome’s Picture in Picture window gets a Mute button

Today, François Beaufort made a commit today for an insect to display the mute button in the Picture in Picture window. The Mute button will not be visible when there is no audio, but it will only work if one of these is enabled: experimental flashing feature Mute button or test source of the same name, check the screenshot below.

Here is the description of the commit code

“This CL adds a mute button in the Picture in Picture window that reflects the muted state of the video. If there is no audio track, the mute button will be hidden. This button only works if the experimental Mutebutton flashing feature is enabled or if the Original test of the same name is enabled”

On the other hand, Mozilla started working on Picture in Picture mode in Firefox, this is not based on Picture in Picture Web API. The feature can be activated in Nightly, little buggy now, currently, video inserted in PIP mode does not play audio. We’ll update you on the Firefox PIP in the coming days as development progresses, stay tuned for more updates.

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