Chromium-based Edge version icon and installer screenshots leaked on the internet

Today, Microsoft’s program manager for web and open browsers, Chris Heilmann accidentally shared the Chromium-based Edge build icon on his Twitter timeline, when he noticed and deleted the tweet, it was too late. seen by anyone now and it confirmed when asked by other users that it is local build.

Last year, Microsoft announced that it will use Blink Engine for Microsoft Edge browser and ditch the EdgeHTML engine and said that Microsoft Edge Preview version will be available in early 2019, after that, recently, Edge Program Manager confirmed Edge based on Chromium (codenamed Anaheim) will be available for everyone to test, not tied to an internal program.

It seems that Microsoft is already testing the preview version of Edge internally and now its icon has been unintentionally revealed. A few days ago, screenshots of Microsoft Edge installer leakedhere they are.

Microsoft Edge Installer

Well, Microsoft hasn’t officially announced a name for its next Chromium-based browser yet, until then, we can call it Edge or Chromedge, for now, by the icon, we can tell it might be using the Canary build.

Microsoft Edge 2 Installer

What do you say?

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