Compatibility Center for Windows 8 Consumer Preview released by Microsoft

If you have run the WCP setup offered by Microsoft, you may already know the list of programs and hardware devices that are not compatible with Windows 8, here is more – Microsoft has set it up Windows 8 Consumer Preview Compatibility Center website for you to know if this app or device worked on Windows 7 also works on Windows 8 beta or not? why not visit this site and check your product’s compatibility with Windows 8.

Check whether or not your product works on Windows 8 in Windows 8 CP Compatibility Center

All you need to do is visit WCP Compatibility Center website, browse or search the catalog that lists thousands of most popular programs and devices and find out if they worked for you on Windows 8 CP and cast your vote to make it useful for other users. You can download drivers and software updates from this site for your product, if available.

Here on this site, using the search box, you can search for program or hardware device compatibility or browse the various subcategories under the Programs and Devices categories, the former is easier.

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