Cortana can now open files in Windows 10 for you

Microsoft is working to make Cortana more productive for Windows 10 users. So far, you can use Cortana to set alarms and reminders to open apps on your computer, manage your calendar and keep your schedule up to date, get trivia, information , definitions , and more. For the latest one he learned a new skill, Cortana can now find and open files.

What do you need to know:

  • Cortana received “file skill” feature in Windows 10 Preview build 20270
  • It can search and open files and folders buried in your device without you having to browse. This saves a lot of time.

Search and Open Files in Windows 10 with the Help of Cortana

You can use the commands below to accomplish them.

For example, for Microsoft’s digital assistant to open parts of files

Type or ask: “Hey Cortana, Open marketing deck”

Likewise, for author names, use

“Hey Cortana, open budget excel from Anthony”

To have Cortana find the documents you are editing, tell Cortana:

“Hey Cortana, find my recent files”

To find recent files of specific types, give her this command.

“Hey Cortana, find some recent PDFs”

You can open Cortana in Windows 10 by clicking on the taskbar icon or by searching for Cortana in the Start menu search and click on the top result.

Will you use Cortana to search and open files on your PC when it’s available to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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