Dataram RAMDisk uses RAM as a hard drive to store and load Windows applications faster

You have high speed processor, graphics card, motherboard plus RAM, is that enough for your PC to run well? may not be a component that slows down your PC is the hard drive. Extract RAM addition always useful. What if RAM allocates a part of it to store your files and settings on the physical hard drive, called RAMDisk ? your Windows apps will load much faster. They dated RAMDisk is a freeware application that stores files and settings in unused part of RAM and uses RAM as virtual hard disk to load data and programs.

What is RAMDisk? how does it work?

RAMDisk is a program that takes part of system memory and uses it as a disk drive. It is a Kernel-level driver that introduces the default disk drive for the operating system. RAMDisk stores and retrieves data from system RAM instead of the hard drive.

After starting RAMDisk, the kernel-level driver (RAMDisk.sys) will be loaded into the Windows/System32/drivers folder. This driver will be available to Windows whenever RAMDisk is started. It is removed when RAMDisk is stopped.

With RAMDisk interruption or computer shutdown, all data saved in RAMDisk will be lost.

Uses of RAMDisk

  • Speeds up web page loading time
  • control which files and programs stored in memory (loaded at boot time)
  • Create temporary disks for added security
  • Accelerate disk-to-disk activities such as video encryption and audio extraction
  • Accelerate databases
  • Reduce compilation times.

read Dataram RAMDisk User Manual in detail before using the program.

They dated RAMDisk works on Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64 bit)

Download Dataram RAMDisk

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