Decrap my Computer, is it a good alternative to PC Decrapifier?

Looks destroy my computer, freeware for Windows – which allows you to remove pre-installed bloatware from new computers – is a good alternative to PC Decrapifier. When compared to PC Decrapifier, this program also removes information left in the registry after uninstalling software such as Revo Uninstaller.

destroy my computer claims to remove bloatware from new PCs from brands like Asus, HP, Dell, Toshiba, etc. Decrap takes 1-5 minutes for initial setup, which scans your system and creates cache files for your optimization. The program creates registry backups, so you can undo changes by restoring them.

Using Decrap: When the program is ready, it generates and displays the list of software installed on your computer. Here, the program only shows the paths of the executable instead of its icons. Decrap sorts installed software into different sections – auto-launch software, desktop items, drivers and other likely important software, start menu items, third-party software, and Windows-related software.

third party software is the one you need to analyze and you can skip the remaining items. Select the programs you want to uninstall from the third-party software section and click the “Next” button to have the program create a restore point before uninstalling.

Decrap offers the option to uninstall programs unattended (allows to run in fully automatic mode), when this mode has been selected, the program will automatically click on the uninstallers buttons and will automatically clean the registry once the uninstall is complete.

Manual registry cleaning mode for leftovers is also available, where you can review registry files and remove them. This program is based on Jv16 PowerTools and works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

Cons: After installation, it starts downloading translation files for a long time, which may annoy you. It is not intuitive for users, it can also accept user dialogs using this program.

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