Defrag, clean, optimize and do more on your PCs from the cloud

agomo currently in Private Beta (update: now out of beta and available as CCleaner Cloud) is a product offered by Piriform. It allows you to manage PCs remotely from the browser, offering CCleaner and Defraggler technologies in the cloud. To get started, create an account, install their client – currently available for Windows and soon to be available for Mac as well – on your PC or multiple PCs and manage them on the Agomo website.

Get to work CCleaner Cloud

After joining the service, click on your computer name, it displays detailed information about your computer in Summary, Hardware, Software, CCleaner, Defrag and Events tabs. You shouldn’t be surprised at Agomo for displaying such detailed information, as Piriform already offers a PC profiling tool like Speccy.

‘Processes’ in the ‘Software’ tab displays all currently running processes, showing their CPU and memory usage, this might be a little different than what your Task Manager is actually showing. You can right-click on a process and terminate. ‘Startup’ displays all Windows startup entries and lets you manage them.

‘Installed Software’ shows all applications installed on your computer and allows you to uninstall anyone. Some apps can also be silently uninstalled.

Currently, you can install MSI Installer with Dropbox apps, yes, you first need to upload this software to your Dropbox folder to install on Agomo.

CCleaner which has been downloaded over 1 billion times needs no introduction, you can notice the same interface of it in Agomo too. But Piriform says that Agomo cleans up more stuff than CCleaner, for example it can clean the user profile on your computer.

Any changes that have taken place on your computer after installing the Agomo client will be shown under ‘Events’ from your login to software installations and shutdown. You will also receive email alerts for software installation, low disk space warning and when installation/update of Agomo agent takes place, you can control or change them in ‘Preferences’ under ‘Options’.

Agomo Windows client preferences

This service allows you to pre-schedule the cleaning or defragmentation of a PC at a specified time. Agomo Client offers ‘Read Only Mode’ and ‘Privacy Mode’ in its Preferences (you can open it from the tray icon). Read Only Mode prevents agomo from performing optimization or cleaning tasks on your computer, this mode only allows monitoring.

The following industry standards are used to encrypt your data

  • 256-bit encryption using AES-256 CBC
  • SHA1 for message authentication
  • DHE-RSA as a key exchange mechanism

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