Desk Drive automatically creates shortcuts to USB drives on the desktop when connected

Obviously the Desktop is the one that is always visible when you minimize running applications and windows and the user always tends to open many applications from their desktop shortcuts. Why open My Computer to access USB drive contents when plugged in? Of course, Windows offers autorun window to view files on USB drive, but to prevent autorun viruses from getting into your system, you should disable autorun for USB drives, why am I saying all that yes! is about desktop drive freeware application that automatically creates desktop shortcuts for removal drives such as USB drives, CD/DVD ROM.

Using DeskDrive

Download and install this application on your computer and run it. Now to see how this software works, plug in your pen drive and you will see a ring highlight shortcut created on the desktop to the USB drive for you to notice. Double-click the shortcut to view or access files on the drive. If you remove the shortcut from the USB drive it will be removed automatically.

desktop drive

In Desk Drive settings (access by right-clicking the tray icon), you can configure the application to run on startup, remember icon positions, and hide the tray icon. You can enable minimize all windows and open windows explorer when flash drive is connected in settings options. You can exclude certain drive letters by typing them in the Exclude box in the program window.

Desk Drive works with removable drives, network drives, RAM drives and CD-Rom drives.

desktop drive works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Desktop Driver

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