Disable Opera’s Video Popout Feature

You can now disable the video splitting feature in Opera 39. Opera software provided the video pop-out feature with the release of Opera 37, with which when you watch videos on sites like YouTube or Vimeo, you get a button at the top of the video, when you click on it, your video will be displayed, you can place it anywhere on the screen – top, bottom, left or right – useful for watching videos on any page you are working on.

If you don’t like the feature and want to turn it off, Opera now offers an option or setting for it in opera 39 (currently in beta).

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Disable Video Popout in Opera Browser

1. Click on the Opera Menu

2. Select Settings > Sites, scroll down until you see ‘pop-out videobelow it, uncheck ‘Enable video pop-out

3. Done, restart the browser to the video page and other tabs to not show the detached video.

Note: You need to be using Opera 39 or later for this.

Update: If you want to disable the newly added Automatic Video Pop Out feature in Opera, check this article.

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