Disable or remove the search UI with a click on the search bar

Suddenly, Mozilla wants to improve the search bar UI to support spot surveys or one-click surveys. They are rushing to patch Firefox 34 beta 11 instead of following the Nightly > Aurora and Beta > stable pattern.

Using one-click surveys: With this, you can search the query with another search engine right away without having to change the default. To start, type the query, the search suggestions appear, click on one of the search engines below them, the search results will appear, that’s it.

TO UPDATE: Mozilla removed old Firefox search UI

Fix: You can restore this via Classic Theme Restorer add-on: How to restore Firefox search UI and preferences window

You can find the newly added ‘Search’ tab in Options, it allows you to manage or choose the default search engine and you can have control in displaying which search engines to display for one-click searches.

Search tab in options

Reasons to hate the new feature:

The default search engine icon does not appear in the search bar, it has been replaced by the magnifying glass search icon.

Fix: No Hello Button in Firefox 34?

Unless you type something, you won’t see or know what the default search engine is. We expect this feature to appear in Firefox 34. You can read this post on the Mozilla blog For more informations.

Disabling or Removing Search UI with One-Click Search Bar in Firefox 34

1. Visit about:config

2. Find the preference browser.search.showOneOffButtons and transform your value to false.

3. Restart the browser for the changes to take effect.

OneLiner for Firefox combines navigation and tab bars in one line with a search button

The new one-click surveys UI is gone.

Do you like it? Let us know in the comments.

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