Download Avast Browser Cleanup Standalone to remove bad add-ons and toolbars

Avast Browser Cleanup, part of Smart Scan bad browser add-ons feature in Avast Free antivirus, is also available as a standalone tool (installer version, portable version is not available). Yes! You no longer need to install Avast to run Browser Cleanup, it is available as a separate download also from the Avast website. This tool supports removing toolbars from Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, works on Windows XP SP3/Vista/8 and Windows 10.

Standalone Avast Browser Cleanup removes bad add-ons

Download and install the Browser Cleanup tool on your computer and run it.
Note: The tool is installed in the following location on Windows

C:Users%username%AppDataRoamingAVAST SoftwareBrowser Cleanup

The Avast Browser Cleanup tool looks for malicious plugins or add-ons and displays them if they can be removed.

If the Overview screen shows the message ‘browser appears to be free of disreputable add-ons’, your browser does not have malicious add-ons, unchecking the option at the bottom shows add-ons with a good rating.

You can reset Firefox and Internet Explorer browser settings to default using the buttons provided in the tool’s user interface. This restores the browser to its initial, clean state.

Reset Vivaldi Settings

How to repair or reset Microsoft Edge browser

Opera 51 adds Reset Browser Settings button

Note: The tool, when not in use, schedules itself to run once a day silently in the background to search browsers for toolbars and notifies you once if it finds any add-ons that are poorly rated.

If you don’t want this to happen, launch Avast Browser Cleanup, visit Settings and uncheck ‘check my browsers regularly for toolbars with a bad rating’.

You can download the standalone Avast Browser Cleanup at on here.

Caution: Please note that the Avast Free antivirus tool has not been good to users in the past as it has automatically deleted Firefox add-ons. Run the Avast Browser Cleanup Tool at your own risk.

Avast Browser Cleanup Automatically Deletes Firefox Add-ons

Avast Users Tired of Browser Cleanup Tool

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