Download AVG Clear, AVG Uninstall Tool to uninstall or remove AVG completely

AVG Removal tool, also known as AVG Remover, which used to remove AVG Antivirus from your computer when the normal uninstall process from Control Panel failed, is no longer working, the tool has not been updated by Avast after purchasing AVG. But the company no longer offers AVG Uninstall Tool on their website, which makes it difficult for users to get rid of AVG from their computers, and affected users visiting AVG support forum and other websites that cover AVG removal tool download found in no man’s land.

Just so you know, as Avast Antivirus has Avast Clear installed, the Avast software has prepared itself clear AVG to remove AVG antivirus and product traces, but the company does not display them on the AVG website and you will not even find this tool when searching Google or Bing.

How to uninstall Avast from your computer?

If you are wondering what happened to AVG Remover?

The tool when downloaded and run, giving ‘AVG Remover did not find any active AVG products active on your system. Press the “Exit” button to close the application or the “Run Anyway” button to run AVG Remover and remove any leftover AVG products.”, although AVG has been installed on the computer.

Download AVG Clear – AVG Uninstall Tool

  1. Download and save AVG Clear below to your computer
  2. Run it, the tool prompts you to run it in safe mode on Windows, click No as the tool has compatibility issues with Windows.
  3. Check that the AVG Uninstall Tool is showing the correct paths to the programs and installation directories, select the AVG Antivirus product you are using. For example, if you are using AVG Free, select ‘AVG Antivirus Free’ and click uninstall button.

Note: Since AVG 2018 no longer comes with Zen installed, unchecking ‘Uninstall Zen and Framework’ may have no effect.

AVG Uninstall Tool Clean AVG

4. When the product uninstall message appears on the screen, restart your computer.

Please note that you need to use or run AVG Clear or Avast Uninstall tool only when you are unable to uninstall AVG from Programs and Features in Control Panel.

So if you are encountering any error or facing any problem when uninstalling AVG instead of AVG Remover, you should download and run AVG Clear.

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Download AVG Clear | 10.94 MB

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