Download IE11 Release Preview for Windows 7

Microsoft has released the Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview for Windows 7 users and it is available for download. Microsoft Released Developer Preview for IE11 in July, This Year, and Now Internet Explorer 11 version preview is available, the software giant flags this as a final preview release. Microsoft claims on the IE blog that their IE11 is 30% faster than other browsers and supports the latest web standards.

Here’s What IE11 Release Preview Has To Offer

  • a faster web experience
  • Supports even more web standards and greater website compatibility
  • Faster and more efficient developer tools productivity

IE11 Release Preview supports Do Not Track

Microsoft has enabled Do Not Track by default for IE10 in Windows 8, which is not compliant with the official DNT specification, so read how to disable Do Not Track for IE10 in Windows 8. This time, Microsoft wants to give the user.

“After installation, IE11 Release Preview prompts the user to set a default tracking preference that Internet Explorer will send to websites. Upon upgrade, IE11 Release Preview automatically preserves the user’s previous tracking preferences.”

Download the IE11 Release Preview web installer

You can download IE11 RP from on here.

Download IE11 Release Preview offline installer links

Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview 32 bit

Internet Explorer 11 64-bit version preview

How to uninstall IE11 Release Preview ?

You may youninstall RP from IE11 like you did for Internet Explorer 10, it can be found at Installed updates in Control Panel, but not in installed programs. You can select and uninstall this update to get back to the Internet Explorer you were using before installing IE11 RP.

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