Download Microsoft’s “The Surface Movement” video ad audio as ringtone for mobile phones

Microsoft has shared The Surface Movement song on SoundCloud for you to download and share with your friends, which you can set as your mobile ringtone after downloading. Microsoft promoting the Surface tablet through TV ads and the first “TSurface Movement” aired on TVs within a few days it has already become popular and named the “Most Effective” tablet ad of the year by Ace Metrix, a video advertising analysis company.

Microsoft has shared the Downloadable Ad music on your SounCloud account in Wav format which is 0.44 seconds long, you can download it to your PC and convert to MP3 format using online or third-party tools available on the internet and use it as ringtone on your Mobile.

If you haven’t seen this ad by now, watch it as I’ve embedded the video below.

The Surface Movement TV ad

Download The Surface Movement in Wav format [7.45 MB size]

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