Download Opera 11.10 (Barracuda) Final

Although we haven’t covered much about Opera 11.10 codename barracuda from the beta stage, but closely following the development snapshots of Opera 11.10 and Opera 11.10 final is here and available for download.

What’s New in Opera 11.10

  • Speed ​​dialing in Opera 11.10 has been tweaked and you can now have an unlimited number of dials with live content.
  • Opera uses the Presto 2.8 rendering engine with support for WebP, CSS and gardient.
  • Plugins can be installed easily, for example if you access the webpage (with flash content) without any flash plugin, it will be installed automatically.
  • Opera’s graphics and interface are improved, and Opera’s features are easier to discover and use.
  • Opera Turbo loads websites even faster on slower connections and offers better image quality.

Download Opera 11.10

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