Download Tab Candy Enabled Firefox Build

Tabbed browsing allows us to open more tabs in a single browser window and browse, but organizing tabs is never much easier, especially when you used to open multiple tabs, guide candy which is all you need for the Firefox browser, which shows an overview of tabs and lets you quickly find and switch between tabs.

Mozilla is currently working on the Tab Candy feature, which is enabled in an early version of the Firefox browser.

Tab Candy lets you see all Firefox tabs at once and also lets you create groups for tabs and categorize those groups according to your personal interests like group for vacation, work, recipes, games, social sites, naming them.

Tab Candy - Minesweeper Tab Sets

Tab Candy Features

  • instant tab overview – never miss a tab again
  • Create groups from tabs by dragging and naming them.
  • When you go to the group tab, you can only view the tabs in that group in that tab strip, which allows you to focus on the task you are doing.
  • Tab Candy not only allows you to move tabs, it also allows you to move groups.

Eager to try out Tab Candy’s features, so you need to download Firefox alpha build with Tab Candy enabled, which is intended for testing purposes to get feedback from developers, and probably unstable.

Download Tab Candy Enabled Version of Firefox

Read more details on Tab Candy on here.

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