Dropbox 3.0, what’s new?

deposit box 3 will be released soon for Windows, Mac and Linux, currently in the release candidate phase. What’s New: Rewritten UI for Windows and Linux clients helps the Dropbox team “fix a large number of issues/flaws you’ve reported over the years, improve performance, support high DPI on Windows, a new setup wizard on Linux and more!”.

file identifiers, while not visible in this version, allows Dropbox to detect when files have been moved and renamed. This version of Dropbox on Windows supports paths longer than 260 characters. The notification area icons in Windows have been redesigned.

December 9, 2014 update: Dropbox 3.0.3 stable release, download below.

What’s New in Dropbox v3.0.0

  • Windows and Linux UI Rewrite
  • file identifiers
  • Windows long path support
  • New Linux headless configuration flow
  • updated home screens
  • New Finder icon overlays
  • New Windows Notification Area Icons
  • New black and white Mac menu bar icons

Download Dropbox 3.0.3 for Windows [Online installer] [offline installer]

Download Dropbox 3.0.3 for Mac: [Online  installer] [offline installer]

Download Dropbox 3.0.3 for Linux: : [X86_64 offline installer] [X86 offline installer]

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If you are using Dropbox v2.10.52 it will automatically update to this version but it may take longer, it is better to install this version manually.

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