Edge 88 is getting these cool new features

Microsoft Edge 88 could be a major release or the biggest update since Edge was released. The next version of Edge that will be released on January 21, 2021 can bring the following features to users.

What is expected to arrive with Microsoft Edge 88


generate passwords

As we’ve said in the past, Edge has the ability to suggest strong passwords. Edge’s built-in password generator can come in handy when you create a new account on a website.

When creating a new account on a website, click on the Password field and select “suggest strong password” and select the password generated by Edge or use refresh option or browser to offer another password.

Edge generates strong passwords

Copy and edit passwords

Edge lets you copy and edit saved passwords in the browser.

To edit a password stored in Edge

  • Visit edge://settings/Passwords
  • in saved passwords
  • Click the three dots icon and select “Copy password” or “Edit” and enter your Windows operating system password when prompted.
    Edit and copy Edge password

Redesign of cookie settings and website permissions

The site’s cookies and permissions settings page has been revamped. It now displays settings in a card-based view. The redesign makes managing cookies and navigating to settings much easier than before, and the design looks slick and clean.

Redesign of site permissions and edge cookie settings

New History menu

The History menu follows the redesign of the Favorites user interface, it allows you to access recently closed websites in real time. The History submenu also lists all History entries and the other devices tab.

Edge's new history menu

Other cool new features and additions:

At the time of writing, all these features are available in the dev versions of Edge

What’s your take on the new Edge 88 features? Which ones do you like best? Let us know in the comments below.

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