F.lux 3.0 Beta for Windows adds movie mode and safe mode

Flow, freeware program for windows – avoid people eye strain, use computers for a long time by adopting computer display for time of day – has 3.0 beta version released with new and experimental features. If you’re not getting enough sleep working at night on your computer, then it’s time to use f.lux- this program allows you to sleep better or make your computer screen look better.

What’s New in Flux 3.0 Beta for Windows

  • Added support for warmer colors, up to 2700K.
  • Safety mode: Systems with older graphics cards may enable safe mode to avoid crashing.
  • Now supports calibrated monitors.
  • Allows you to disable f.lux partially with “movie mode” when you’re about to watch a movie.
  • Allows you to disable F.lux until morning.
  • Fixes for Intel chipsets included in this beta release.
  • Better support for Windows 7+.

F.lux Experiences:

  • Make the screen warmer as the screen darkens.
  • Control Philips colorKinectics intelliWhite fixtures on your LAN
  • Control Philips Hue Lights: If a Hue system is found, you will also need to pair it with f.lux. Press the button on the Hue hub when the computer beeps.

You can access F.lux’s experimental features and safe mode and movie mode, as well as other new features introduced in this beta release, by right-clicking their icon in the notification area.

Download F.lux 3.0 Beta.

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