F.lux 4.84 adds grayscale mode for distraction-free reading

F.lux software that adjusts the brightness of the computer screen according to the time of day, has version 4.84 released and is available for download. The update brings a grayscale mode that, when activated, helps you focus on reading and adds support for dusk to dawn hue lights so people using F.lux can place the hue lights of the outside and turn them off during the day using the app.

F.lux with grayscale mode

The f.iux app, designed to protect your eyes from blue light at night, does not disappear when you use grayscale mode, but f.lux continues to work together with this feature. The newly added grayscale can be enabled using the Windows + End key combination in Windows or by selecting ‘grayscale’ from the ‘Effects and exta colors’ submenu in the F.lux menu.

So what’s the use of grayscale mode?

The developer feels that the app colors at the top and bottom of the screen are distracting, enabling grayscale removes these distractions and makes your computer look like a magazine for a better reading experience.

Download F.lux 4.84you can check the release notes on here.

Do you use f.lux?

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