Facebook will provide an option to access its service entirely over HTTPS

If you are a Twitter or Facebook user, you may have heard of Firesheep in the past, which allows you to hijack the account of Facebook and Twitter users through Wi-Fi connections, today Facebook added an option for access Facebook through a secure connection that means via HTTPS protocol.

Until now, Facebook uses HTTPS to communicate with its servers whenever you log into your Facebook account, Facebook is expanding this to keep your data even more secure. Facebook now suggests enabling this HTTPS option when you use Facebook in internet cafes, coffee shops, airports, libraries or schools.

You may enable HTTPS option for Facebook “Account Security” Account settings page. Facebook will slowly roll out this feature over the next few weeks and you will be able to enable this feature for your account soon.

access Facebook through a secure connection

Accessing Facebook over HTTPS It will offer a more secure connection for the user, which is an advantage and the disadvantage is that encrypted data travels slowly when compared to unencrypted data, so you may experience Facebook as a little slow to use.

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