Firefox 65 to ask for confirmation to close multiple tabs even if session restore is enabled

Starting Firefox 65, the Firefox browser asks for confirmation to close several tabs, even though the browser is set to restore the previous session on startup, this applies to Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

The current version of Firefox 63 no longer warns you if you try to exit the browser with tabs open if session restore is enabled in settings. Mozilla felt that it is not necessary to warn the user if the browser restores the tabs and Windows from the previous session on the next launch, now this has been changed, As of version 65, Firefox shows the close confirmation dialog where you must agree to close the tabs or click cancel to keep the browser window with the tabs open.

If you don’t want to get the warning every time you close the browser, uncheck the ‘Warn me when trying to close multiple tabs’ option in the ‘Warn me when quitting and closing multiple tabs’ dialog The tabs option appears in the Tabs Settings section in the General. If you want Firefox to ask for confirmation whenever you close the browser window with the tabs open, re-enable the option in Settings again.

warn you when exit and close multi-tab option

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