Firefox 69.0.3 will be released later today with a fix for the failed downloads issue

Today on October 10, 2019, Mozilla will release Firefox 69.0.3 to fix the crashing downloads issue, along with it this small update addresses another issue that caused Firefox to prompt yahoo users to download files while checking emails, both issues were mentioned as fixed in the 69.0.3 release notes.

Here’s what happened: Firefox users with Parental Controls enabled on Windows 10 noticed that their file downloads are failing, the change Mozilla made in Firefox 69.0.2 to DNS distribution over HTTPS caused this. The company after receiving reports from users on the support forum, stopped the release of 69.0.2, investigated and resolved the issue.

Change record:

Fixed download errors for Windows 10 users with Parental Controls enabled (error 1586228)

Fixed Yahoo email users being prompted to download files when clicking on emails (error 1582848)

You can check the release notes for Firefox 69.0.3 release on here (not currently alive).

Note: Mozilla mentioned the file downloads issue as unresolved in 69.0.2 release notes.

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