Firefox 73 lets you launch a website as a site-specific browser

Google Chrome allows us to create shortcuts for websites where you can run each website in a separate window using the shortcut created, Firefox does not support this feature so far but thanks to Mozilla for enabling Site Specific Browsing (SSB) in Firefox now , latest Firefox 73 on Nightly allows users to launch a site as a site-specific browser through a button present in the Action menu of the page. The website launched in this way appears without browser toolbars, navigation menus and chrome, here you should not be confused with kiosk mode and full screen mode.

What is site specific browser?

Site Specific Browser or SSB means running a single website in a separate browser instance and not tied to a browser session. SSB’s minimalist interface without toolbars lets you focus on content.

In the past, Mozilla Labs has introduced Prism based on the SSB concept and later discontinued. According to Mozilla “Prism is a simple XULRunner based browser that hosts web applications without the normal web browser user interface”. When using Prism in the past, you created shortcuts to websites and ran as SSBs.

While you can create a desktop shortcut to launch the site as SSB, the process is not intuitive, you have to to add a command line change for the Firefox shortcut like “–ssb (without quotes), the total String should be

"C:Program FilesFirefox Nightlyfirefox.exe" --ssb

Without this hassle, you can open a website as SSB through the Firefox interface, for that you must be running the latest version of Nightly.

Launch a website as a site-specific browser in Firefox

1. Make sure you are using the latest nightly version

2. Visit a website in your browser’s address bar, click the Action menu on the page, and select the “Launch website-specific browser” option.

launch the Site-Specific Browser option in Firefox's Page Actions menu

3. Done.

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