Firefox 81 for Android is getting these new features

Mozilla said goodbye to Fennec, Firefox is for Android now it’s Fenix. The latest stable version 80.0.1 is now available for download from the Play Store. The organization has developed some cool new features for Firefox 81. For example, like Safari on iOS, Firefox Android can now automatically close tabs that haven’t been viewed in the last day, week, or month. There are more features that look promising and definitely satisfy Firefox users without a doubt.

1. Close tabs automatically like in Safari

In any browser on Android, you need to manually close unwanted tabs. However, Safari on iOS lets you automate this after a certain amount of time, inspired by Safari, Firefox will offer a setting to choose to close tabs after a day, after a week, “after a month”, with “Manually” selected by default.

To try out the feature, visit Settings > General > Close Tabs and select an option other than Manually.

Close Tab Settings in Firefox for Android

2. Download UI

We recently reported that Firefox for Android has added support for external download managers, Firefox version 81 will offer “Downloads” option in Settings. The option when selected shows the downloaded files in the Firefox browser.

download UI
Firefox Android Download Interface

3. Suggest multiple logins to autocomplete a site

Similar to Chrome’s tap to fill in passwords, Firefox suggests multiple logins at the bottom to select if you have more than one login for a website. The following screenshot explains the feature better than I can.

Select logins to auto-populate Firefox Android
Select logins to auto-populate Firefox Android

4. Firefox allows us to show frequently visited websites on the home screen through a setting, from now on this is disabled by default.

If you want to show the most visited websites on the home screen, go to settings > General > Personalize > Enable “Show most visited websites”. After enabling the above setting, you will be able to scroll through the top sites on the home screen.

5. Firefox offers a setting that takes you to the Android Notification Settings for Firefox. To do this, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Notifications.

6. If you open a new tab, the search bar will be waiting for your input with the keyboard at the bottom to search quickly.

In writing this article, Firefox 81 beta is not available on the Play Store, but we can confirm that these features are available in Firefox Nightly for Android. You can download Firefox Nightly from the Play Store at on here.

What do you think of the new features Mozilla is bringing to Firefox for Android? Let us know in the comments below.

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