Firefox Download Panel Tweaks Add-on

Do you like the download panel, new download manager introduced For Firefox with version 20, if you don’t like it, read how to disable it. If you like it, how about tweaking it to get more. Download dashboard tweaks Addon for Firefox (restart less) offers many tweaks for download manager such as increase number of downloaded items displayed to 10 out of 3, show file download speed, reduce download lines height, disable initiated download and completed the green alert arrow, etc. .

Download Panel Tweaks Add-on for Firefox

Using this add-on, you can disable

  • Green arrow that notifies you about the start and completion of downloads.
  • Switch the panel just using the shortcut Ctrl+J instead of loading the library window.

After installing this add-on, it makes the following changes to the default configuration of the download panel

  • Increases the number of download items displayed to 10 instead of 3.
  • Reduces the height of non-active download entries (in the dashboard and in the Library view).
  • Causes Ctrl+J to switch the panel instead of loading the Library.
  • Changes the remaining time format to “12:42” instead of “12 minutes, 42 seconds”.
  • Rearranges the status line on the dashboard to include download speed.

You can find more tweaks to manage the Download Panel in the add-on options.

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