Firefox Focus for Android gets UI overhaul

Firefox FocusMozilla’s private browser to android and iOS is getting a makeover. It blocks trackers and clears cookies and search history, which not only improves performance but also protects your privacy. Mozilla is currently testing a new look for Firefox Focus in version 93.

Firefox Focus

What makes Firefox Focus special or separate from Firefox or other browsers is that it always runs in private browsing mode by default. Media, cookies, browsing history, tracking cookies will be cleared automatically when you close this browser on Android.

Mozilla recently released the redesigned Firefox for Android, but you can still use Focus if you want.

When compared to regular Firefox on Android, Firefox Focus does not support extensions, bookmarking or bookmarks.

Focus is a fork of Firefox and Mozilla initially released it as a tracker blocker for iOS devices.

Both Firefox and Focus use the Geckoview engine.


  • Responsive, simple and clean user interface.
  • Hard on trackers, easy on features.
  • content blocking
  • In private browsing mode, cookies, search and browsing history will be deleted when you close it

Any less:

  • Lose tab management.
  • no favorites
  • Firefox Focus is available in certain regions. In Germany, Austria or Switzerland it is available as Firefox Klar.

Additionally, Firefox Focus

  • blocks trackers and scripts from ads, analytics and social sites.
  • You can speed up page loading by blocking web fonts in Settings.
  • With Google Safe Browsing, Focus provides protection against malware and phishing sites
  • Offers secrecy to avoid screenshots and hides web pages when switching between apps.

Firefox Focus 93 for Android

What’s new:

  1. .Complete the new interface
  2. Until now, browser-blocked trackers displayed in the Firefox Focus menu, now, similar to the desktop, were shown in a new panel when tapping the shield icon in the address bar. The dashboard displays the following information
    Site information in a sub-panel
    Toggle Enhanced Tracking Protection
    Control crawlers and script blocking per site
    The total number of trackers that were blocked.
    the dashboard combined with website information and improved tracking protection
  3. As we said at the beginning, Focus does not support markers. Mozilla is trying to solve this by introducing shortcuts. If you visit some websites often, you can add them as shortcuts. Tap the three dots icon and select “Add to Shortcuts”.
  4. Improved tracking protection for a website can now be turned off more easily.

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