Firefox lets you temporarily load unsigned extensions

Firefox 45 or later, stable or beta versions allow developers to test add-ons that have not been signed by Mozilla. From Firefox 44 onwards, the stable and beta versions of Firefox will not allow installation of unsigned add-ons, the preference xpiinstall.signatures.required which allowed unsigned extensions to be installed in Firefox 43 will not be available for use, A Mozilla will remove it.

However, first-time users using Nightly or the developer can still change this preference value to false and use unsigned add-ons without issue.

Keeping add-on developers in mind, from Firefox 45Mozilla will allow them to test not signed no reboot add-ons temporarily for one session. For those interested, temporarily load extensions in Firefox

1. Visit the new Firefox about: debug page

2. Click load temporary add-on and select the XPI file for the complement

3. The add-on will then load and work in that browser session, when you restart the browser, the add-on will no longer be loaded, to make it work again, you need to reload it by visiting add-ons manager again.

temporary add-on loaded

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