Firefox new about:addons adds Permissions and Release Notes tabs to extension details page

The Firefox HTML about:addons in development has received a good number of improvements recently, for example we said about adding the report button for extensions and themes, and recently Mozilla added the “Release Notes” and “Permissions” tabs. to the extension details page.

About:addons and about:config built in HTML are currently still behind a preference and will not be released with Firefox 67 on May 21, today. Most users didn’t like the new about:config page when Mozilla announced it, I hope that’s not the case with about:addons that the company is currently working on.

HTML about:adds sports card style design for extensions and offers Disable, Remove, Report, options and More options for each extension. When you click on the extension card, the details page opens and shows comprehensive information about the extension. For the latest, Firefox add-on manager, now shows Permissions and Release Notes tabs on the details page.

old about add-ons extension details page

If you use Ublock Origin, you can spot these changes in Firefox 68 Nightly if you have new about:addons enabled, which you can change pref extensions.htmlaboutaddons.enabled value to “true” in about:config.

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