Firefox Preview 3.0 Final Now Available on Play Store for Download

After testing Firefox Preview 3.0 with three beta versions, Mozilla has finally released its stable version. on the Play Store downloadable with new features, UI improvements and bug fixes.

Mozilla is investing all of its time and resources in Fenix ​​for Android rather than Fennec, which will be replaced by the former in 2020. Note Fenix ​​is ​​an internal codename for Firefox Preview that is currently in development. We covered when the first beta version of Firefox Preview was available, nothing has changed in terms of features since then, you should expect the final version to be more stable with less bugs.

While the company highlights improved tracking protection and notification support for downloads as new features, here’s the total change log to version 3.0.0 according to Mozilla.

1. Enhanced tracking protection available by default protects users from Cryptomiers, fingerprinters, analytics and ad trackers.

2. Firefox Preview allows opening links in Private tabs by default.

3. You can take advantage of the option available in the settings to clear browser data on exit.

4. You have full control over what information to sync across devices.

5. Set autoplay or background behavior to play audio/video

6. View and manage downloads.

7. An updated browser menu has replaced the quick action bar.

8. You can manually add new search engines and the navigation bar can be moved to the top or bottom

9. You can force Zoom on all sites in Firefox Preview, even if the site has limited zoom functionality.

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