Firefox Preview Nightly gets 3 new support extensions

In April, Mozilla added five extensions to Firefox Preview, today, in June, the company added three more recommended extensions – Decentraleyes, Privacy Possum, and YouTube High Definition – to the Nightly version.

In October of last year, Mozilla confirmed that Fenix ​​will support Extensions, but said it will gradually release some extensions from the Recommended Extensions Program. The company in February added Ublock Origin, and in April it added five extensions called Dark Reader, No Script Security Suite, HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger, and Search by Image to Firefox Preview.

The total number of extensions Firefox Preview now supports is 9 with the addition of three new extensions:

Off-center eyes. Here’s what this extension does:

Protects you from tracking through “free”, centralized content delivery. It prevents many requests from reaching networks like Google’s hosted libraries and serves local files to prevent sites from being interrupted. Complements regular content blockers.

privacy possum. Here is the description of this extension

Privacy Possum monkey manipulates common commercial tracking methods by reducing and falsifying the data collected by tracking companies.

YouTube High Definition. Here’s a little summary on that:

YouTube High Definition is a powerful tool that automatically plays all YouTube videos in HD, changes video player size, offers auto stop and mute, and much more.

You can find all these extensions in Firefox Preview Nightly, which can be downloaded from the Play Store. on here.

To add one or more of the above extensions

1. Launch Firefox Preview every night

2. Tap the menu icon and select Add-ons

3. Tap the + button that appears next to the extension, the extension will be installed.

Likewise, you can add other add-ons that appear in the “Recommended” section to Firefox Preview.

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