Firefox Proton Redesign removes page actions menu

Mozilla will release Firefox 89 with a redesigned interface, Proton, on June 1st. The organization decided to hide the compact density option for new users and remove the Page Actions menu from the address bar as part of the redesign.

As per the beta release notes, the new Proton interface brings

  • floating tabs, new icons, simplified menus,
  • updated info bar and modals,
  • lighter iconography, a refined color palette,
  • and more consistent styling across the Chrome browser and streamlined toolbar.

Every major UI change can eliminate some features. Adapting to changing UI isn’t easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

Some of the users didn’t like the Firefox interfaces, like Australis, Photon, this could happen with the next Proton too.

The company can’t please everyone, but some of you might really miss the Page Actions Menu with the release of Firefox 89.

RIP page actions menu

Mozilla introduced the Page Actions menu with Firefox 57.

Clicking on the three dots icon in the address bar displays various options for sharing content.

You can save the page to Pocket, pin a tab, take a screenshot (this has been moved to the toolbar now), copy or email a link, share content through various Windows 10 apps.

The page actions menu was removed in the beta versions of Firefox 89 and Nightly 90. The change may reflect upon release.
No three dots icon in address bar Firefox 89 beta 10

One of the handles of the Firefox Twitter channel confirmed, this was part of the redesign.

“The page actions menu was removed in our redesign and all of its items were moved to other places in the interfaces,” said Mozilla.

Mozilla may have suggested this happen earlier by removing screenshots from the page’s Action menu. Now the menu itself was gone.

You can find screenshots, email links, and page save options in the Customize dialog box.

Depending on your need, drag the necessary items to the toolbar.

If you’ve used items in the Page Actions Menu in Firefox, you might not have noticed. You’re? Let us know in the comments below.

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