Firefox to show a session restore button in the tab bar

Mozilla wants fire Fox users to discover the most useful session restore feature, that’s why they want to add button for that in tab bar. The ‘Restore tabs from last time’ button will only appear to the user when the Firefox browser has one or two tabs with the first run page, otherwise it will not be visible, clicking on it restores the tabs from the previous session.

The company is currently doing tests and if all goes well, we may see the session restore button in the near future on the Firefox tab bar. FYI, Firefox already offers a ‘Restore previous session’ button on its homepage (you can access it by visiting about:home in the address bar). With this change, the session restore feature will be used by more users.

Firefox Session Reset Button

Mozilla also wants to show a notification to the user who uses the button most often to change the launch preference to always restore the session, this does not affect Firefox’s launch performance as the tabs on demand feature is enabled by default in the Firefox browser.

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