Firefox updates Protection Report to show real data about blocked trackers, adds Monitor and Lockwise sections

We reported some time ago that the Firefox Protection report on the about:protections page will show several trackers blocked so far with real data, the page in Firefox 70 Nightly has been updated to reflect this and now includes the new Firefox Monitor and Lockwise sections.

Firefox Protection Report

When we first approached about:protections, the page displayed a work-in-progress template for blocked trackers. The Firefox Protection report now displays real data on blocked trackers and shows their count with the chart by day in five different categories and the detected tracker count is updated as you browse websites for Today: cross-site cookies, social media, tracking content, Digital printers and cryptominers.

The page displays the number of trackers blocked in the last week and to date. For example, for us, Nightly blocked 7,224 trackers over the week and 31,330 trackers as of July 22, 2109.

We recently covered Firefox 70 which shows breach alerts for logins saved on the about:logins page, the protection report now includes the “Firefox Monitor” section and shows the following information if you have subscribed and enabled the Monitor service on the Crash Report page protection:

  • The number of email addresses being monitored,
  • The number of email addresses that are involved in the data breach
  • The number of passwords that were exposed in all breaches

Added new Lockwise section to show the number of stored and synced passwords.

FYI, Firefox Password Manager Lockwise is now enabled by default on Nightly and can be accessed by visiting about:logins or selecting the “logins and passwords” option from the hamburger menu.

Side Note: Mozilla has removed the Firefox 70 website identity icon “i” from the address bar and the browser now shows an insecure connection icon for HTTP websites. If you now click on the shield icon, it now opens the Tracking Protections panel with “Show Full Report” pointing to the about:protections page.

July 25, 2019 Update: Protection reporting now supports dark mode.

Protection report with dark mode

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